Thursday, 25 November 2010

Target Audience

The films which are similar to our clip are 'pi' and horror films such as 'dawn of the dead'.
The target audience would generaly be 16 year olds plus, and mostly male as there is a hint of violence within the film. The target audience would also consist of people intrested in phycological films such as 'pi' and horror films such as 'dawn of the dead'.

Saturday, 20 November 2010



The name for the film is 19:22 which is important as it is the time at which his hallucinations start. The tittle has significance however we have received feedback from people saying that 19:22 looks like the run time and may be misleading. If i were to crete it agin I would probably rename it to avoid confusion.

Purple Productions

We chose to call our production name purple as it is not related to any genre which prevents any “type casting” so to speak as the name is so ambiguous. We chose the colour purple instead of red for example; because as well as providing alliteration, making it roll of the tongue, it’s also a neutral colour not associated with any emotion. ( e.g. red being associated with anger.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Research Into Editing Techniques

In this post I am going to look at editing techniques from other films which may be relevent to our film. All these screen shots have been takien from the film Requiem For A Dream (2000) This film is along the same genre as the film we want to create. The film is about four drug addicts who are all addicted to different drugs for different resons. The film uses lots of different editing techinques to show the state of mind of the characters aswell as some general techniques.

This technique splits the screen into two and provides the audience with a two point perspective. This is an effective technique as it gets rid of the need to cut between the two different shots. This shot shows the character but also shows what she is looking at which makews it effective.

This shot is used in the film as the characters take drugs. This shot is used during extremley quick shot changes which happen everytime the characters take a hit. The shot shows the blood stream and is effective as it shows the chemical change happening in their bodies and therefore gives the audience the idea of what is happening.

This shot is very effective and uses the fish eye effect to distort the image. This is works very well as it represents her state of mind at the time very well.

This effect is also effective however it is a camera technique instead of an editing technique. It is hard to see from this screen shot, however the camera is attached to the character and works well as the camera moves with the movement of the charcter. This is effective for showing the journey of a person aswell as the charcters emotion as the camera is fixed on the charcters face.

This effect is called ghosting and gives the impression of time slowing down and also conveys the characters feelings and state of mind. This is a simple technique that we could use in our film to show our charcter when he is entering his hallucination.

This is a very clever editing technique which shows the charctes state of mind. The camera shakes violently and blurs the image. The camera shakes increases asa the scream of the charcter get louder. This connects the sound and the visuals closley to great effect.

This effect is called a time lapse and shows a long scene from a fixed camera point which is speed up. All of the movement in the scene is played faster than reality which is useful for showing a long recording in a short amount of time. This scene shows the characters lifestyle. This effect could be used in the hallucination stage of our film.

This film uses a lot of editing techniques that suit the genre, these are some of the techniques we would like to use in our film as we feel that they represent the genre well and would visually fit in with our film.